MS Surface Battery Repair and Replacement Service USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Dubai

Computer or laptop typically relies on a PSU (power supply unit). A computer battery plays a crucial, time-related role and enables operation on the device. MS Surface uses an internal lithium-ion battery with a protector circuit. The time span of the battery will vary depending on the kind of activities you do on your Surface. Highly efficient processors and optimized macOS are used to process with as little power as possible. Thus, it helps in generating less heat.

General tips and tricks to save MS Surface battery power:

  • Get the latest Windows and Surface updates
  • Turn on the “save power when my device knows I’m away” setting.
  • Adjust when the laptop is asleep and on battery power, disconnect from the network setting.

Is your MS Surface battery draining faster than usual?

Continuous usages of any device wear out its efficiency. After a long run, your computer or laptop battery usage might lead to severe damage. In case you are overusing your device, it results in complete battery drainage. Various apps are sometimes responsible for this problem. If you are not aware of the application that is affecting the battery, you can check it by selecting the battery option in the top right corner of your MS Surface. It will help you to gain an idea regarding the apps which are gobbling up your power. Limiting the number of programs that are left idle in the background may help you to cut down the battery draining time.

Customary MS Surface battery issue:

  • Age or loss of capacity
  • Heat or swelling of the battery
  • Battery discharge issue
  • Memory Effect
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Built-in diagnostic tools
  • Battery runtime is low
  • The battery isn’t charging
  • The battery won’t charge to 100%
  • The battery isn’t recognized
  • Low battery warning doesn’t display

MS Surface batteries are expensive in comparison to other batteries available in the market. But sometimes repairing the battery is a better option than purchasing a new one. In case you have noticed any of the above issues, do not worry. Connect with us for MS Surface Battery Repair to avail adequate support services. Our team is accustomed to receiving calls related to battery problems and sorting it out at an instance. Our services are not only time-bound but also cost-effective. Thousands of users across the globe are availing our support with utmost satisfaction.

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